Ian Coleman

I grew up in Bristol, England and later studied music composition and music education at Bath Spa University and the University of Exeter before coming to America to study for my Masters and Doctorate degrees at the University of Kansas.  I have been fortunate to have my music performed nationally and internationally by a wide range of ensembles. A composer writes music in the hope that others will perform it.  I always enjoy the interactions that happen between the creator of the piece and those entrusted with realizing that piece into sound. I actively encourage and seek commissions that allow for this sort of interaction, where the barrier between the music and the composer can be broken down and the ensemble and composer can become co-creators in the piece.
As Chair of the Department of Music at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, I find that I am constantly in contact with students who are exploring great art and who are trying to find out more about how that art can and should be brought to life.  I also enjoy being in contact with local high school music directors and appreciate the work they do daily to pass on to the next generation a love for music.  I hope my music in some way encourages that love for music to grow.