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Any Gilbert and Sullivan enthusiast knows the story of the iconic pair's first collaborative work, which was premiered in December of 1871 and ran for 63 performances. Today the libretto survives, but the music is lost, except for two individual pieces that can be verified from the original score.
Bruce Montgomery's solution was to keep the two original numbers and compose new music in the style of Sullivan for the worldwide celebration of the Thespis centenary in 1971. Since then, the complete opera in two acts has been produced by professional, university and community groups to critical acclaim. It received even greater stature with its hearty reception at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in Buxton, England.
Appearing in publication for the first time, this performing edition has everything to satisfy the most exacting Savoyard. The music itself is a delightful complement to Gilbert's libretto, with significant parts for chorus and ensemble configurations. Extensive program notes supplement the edition, and a full orchestration is available on rental.  ISBN: 978-0-692-72535-1

Vocal Score